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The great escape

Feb. 11th, 2009 | 04:45 pm
posted by: rollingchance in ourburningworld

Mae climbed out of the vent and grasped her knee as she stood up straight. Candy beckoned for her and Koi to head over to some bus station but Mae wasn't sure if that was what they needed. Looking around she tried to find a inconspicuous place. "We gotta be out of the way, if that guy was a cop then backup might be on the way and they'd question us if they saw us... " she let out a grunt as a pain was sent up her leg "I need to get some place to wash this off and look less like I've been up to trouble..."

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(no subject)

Jan. 5th, 2009 | 11:03 pm
posted by: sucrose_coated in ourburningworld

It was well on its way towards sunset, and Candy's feet were beginning to go numb from a long day spent in ridiculous four inch heels. It had been, she reflected as she attempted to keep from stumbling so as to avoid appearing drunk and therefore vulnerable to the city's freakish underworld, another bad day. Not so much because of any one large thing as much as something like a million little things, particularly in the form of quick glimpses of the other girls in classroom windows, or reflected off polished desktops. Her day only got blacker as she caught sight of the Early Bird on her path back to her dorm. The blackened rubble had become a steady part of campus by now, and Candy was beginning to wonder if anyone was ever going to do anything about it. Surely it was a health hazard or something.
Then again, she had also heard rumors, absurdly ridiculous rumors from unreliable sources, that the mob now held some sort of function down in the cellars of the building that had once been the campus coffee shop. Not that she believed them, or anything as dumb as that. But despite her beyond aching feet, Candy couldn't help slowing down to listen as she walked past the hollowed out shell.

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We All Fall Down (Harley/(Open) The Narrows, night)

Aug. 21st, 2008 | 01:22 am
posted by: dr_harleenq in ourburningworld

Harley took one last, long drag from her cigarette before flicking it away. Another night wasted away. She was ready to admit to herself that unless she was developing a fetish for homeless men hitting on her, these late night walks were ready to be marked a failure.

Harley pushed away from the chain link fence she was leaning against, admitting defeat. If she hurried, a promise of cheesy B horror films awaited at home to lull her asleep. She smirked as she thought about last night's winner. Something about a guy whose girlfriend turned out to be the Devil. And his mom. Harley would gladly take incestuous stories about the Anti-Christ over chick flicks any day. She shook her head as she thought about how her friends would probably freak more over the fact that she didn't cry at the end of The Notebook than if she told them of her dreams consisting of fire and malicious laughter.

She was so very sure that after his little love letter to the paper, The Joker would be out and about to ensure that they were taking his threats seriously. Harley looked up, half-expecting a bat shape to loom overhead but apparently the city wasn't that desperate yet.

A sound from behind her jerked Harley from her thoughts.

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And you thought you were weird (Mae/(Open) GU street corner, afternoon)

Aug. 15th, 2008 | 09:10 am
mood: okayokay
posted by: rollingchance in ourburningworld

After finishing her classes for the day Mae was happy. Which, though seemed not odd at all, she was particularly happy due to her day off. Plugging in her ipod she began to jam to some tunes as she walked anywhere that wasn't school or work. As she traveled along in her own world a curious feeling was when someone pulled on the hood of her coat causing her to just miss walking into a moving car. She gasped and turned to thank the person but was confused when she noticed not a soul was behind her.
Shaking her head she watched as the green figure popped up and allowed her safe access. Looking up and down the street she just crossed she decided to get her bearings. Vaguely knowing the area she popped out an earpiece to think of her next move. Noticing some newspaper stands she figured she could catch a park concert or something. Paying the man behind the makeshift box she picked up the Gotham times.
Slightly surprised to see a new message from the Joker.
The smoke... must've been him
Moving over to the mouth of an alleyway she sunk to the ground and pondered with her music becoming a mere white noise.

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Knock Knock [Outside Dr. Crane's place/middle of the night/Joker and Crane (open)]

Aug. 13th, 2008 | 04:06 pm
mood: predatory
music: Anarchy in the USA - Tito Larriva and the MDH Band
posted by: time2burn in ourburningworld

He bit his lip, stifling a giggle. His little post in the paper should be appearing come dawn, and all of Gotham would be woken up from the dream of relative peace they'd enjoyed during his slight delay at Arkham. The stair creaked as his new patent leather shoes crept their way up through the apartment building, carrying him with each step closer to the good Doctor Crane. As he hit the second to last step, he bounced, dancing a slight twist to land atop the staircase. Music thudded heavy bass though one of the apartment walls, and to this rhythm the Joker set a spring in his step as he shimmied his way down the hall. Every few feet he'd stop at a door and sniff, nose flaring like a hound.

Nope...not that one...or that one...not that on-Aha! That one!

Easy enough. Considering the word got round was that Crane's special brand of not-so-recreational drug was still on the street, the Joker merely had to follow his nose. He knocked on the door of the apartment he found, the only one that had the ever-so-slight chemical smell he remembered from Arkham. He absently brushed off the front of his brand new screaming purple suit, leg bouncing a little to the beat down the hall in impatience.

"I know you're in there, dear Doctor. I know I don't have an appointment," he shouted past the door, sighing. So hard to find good help these days.

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And Here...We...Go! ((The Narrows, Outside of Arkham))

Aug. 1st, 2008 | 12:04 am
posted by: time2burn in ourburningworld

Too easy.

Painted lips turned up into a grin far wider than (God?) intended, he looked back over his shoulder at the Asylum he'd been shoved into. It was as if the Batman thought that locking the Joker up would make him go away, like loveletters from an ex shoved far back into a closet or a drawer. Not that he would know, really, since most of his 'relationships', if they could be called that, ended with blood instead of an 'I think we should see other people'. You don't get to see other people, Batman. You're running like a dog now, just like me. The Joker cackled. I just hope I catch you before they do.

So much to do first, though! A new suit would be nice, the one he wore smelled like Arkham and all its toxic chemical reek. He sniffed his glove with a frown. "Oh no, this will not do."

Making a scalpel disappear wasn't quite as fun as doing so with a pencil, the element of surprise lacked something. The fact that it disappeared through two heads helped. And the way Blonde Doctor just stood there...and laughed. The thought of the sound made him smile with something that was almost like real warmth. It made a part of him hope she'd left for the evening, or at the very least was nowhere near the boiler room.

"Three...two...one..." BOOM. The back of Arkham Asylum exploded, windows popping and sprinkling a rain of glass on the streets, the openings belching flame. By the time the police and the fire department arrived, all that remained to be found was a little embossed joker card and the echo of cackling laughter in the streets.

Time for fun!

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List of Characters

Jul. 28th, 2008 | 11:35 pm
posted by: bandgeekzule in ourburningworld

Bruce Wayne (Batman)
Jonathan Crane/ Scarecrow
Selina Kyle/ Catwoman
Dr. Harleen Quinzel/ Harley Quinn
Commissioner Gordon

Mae Hayden
Candy Peterson


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Jul. 28th, 2008 | 11:20 pm
mood: blankblank
posted by: bandgeekzule in ourburningworld


Name: What you want us to call you.

OOC journal:
Contact Info: AIM, MSN, e-mail. Pick one or all--just make sure we have a way to contact you if we ever need to.

Character journal:



Occupation: Please list what they do or simply their alignment, i.e. good or evil

Physical Appearance: You may link us a picture of your character or write a description--whatev floats your boat.

Personality: We want to know how good of a grasp you have on your character--so please, write this in your own words!

History: Doesn't have to be extensive. Just show us how your character would have lived their life up to now.

Roleplay Sample: Write a third person past tense sample post

Please reply to this thread and you will be notified of your app status as soon as possible.
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